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Our Story

Our story began in 1981 when an association was searching for a Medicare supplement policy and turned to David Morgan. His research on this subject sparked an interest and he began building a company that addressed the supplemental insurance needs of retired teachers. United Teacher Associates (UTA) was founded in 1981 to meet this need.

In 1984, UTA acquired the American Consumers Life Insurance Company, founded in 1958, and renamed it United Teacher Associates Insurance Company (UTAIC). This enabled UTA to sell and service its own policies through UTAIC. In 1999, UTAIC & UTA were acquired by Great American Life Insurance Company.

In 2001, David and Jerry Morgan founded Association Member Benefits Advisors to make benefits available for all other association clients in the United States. Since that time, AMBA has grown to make benefits available to over 40 clients in over half of the United States, representing 3 million members and potential members. Our goal is to enhance the lives of association members through superior benefit offerings.

Are you an association looking to add benefits for your members? Are you interested in growing your association membership to its full potential? We would like to help. Call us at 800.258.7041 or select the Contact Us option.

Member Benefits

Long Term Care Policy 
You select the daily benefit amount, elimination period, and benefit period which best suits your needs for care. This policy features include no prior hospital stay, no waiting period for pre-existing conditions, pays in addition to any other insurance, and no premium increases with age.

Medicare Supplement Plans
Medicare Supplement plans pay for eligible expenses not paid by Medicare, and gives you the freedom to use your own physician, specialist, and medical facility. 

Dental & Vision Plans 
AMBA's group dental insurance plans offer reasonable single and family rates for association members. These plans give members the flexibility of using their own dentist, or they may choose a dentist from a nationwide preferred provider network and save 20-30% on expenses.

Our vision provider has a vast network of thousands of doctors located in rural and metropolitan areas throughout the nation. More than 90% of our members have access to an optometrist within 10 miles of work or home! Enroll online at

Final Expense Whole Life Insurance Policy 
It is easy to forget the necessity of preparation for final expenses. The financial impacts on an individual’s finances can be significant. A traditional funeral, including a casket and vault, costs about $6,000. Although, extras like flowers, obituary notices, acknowledgment cards and limousines, can add thousands of dollars to the bottom line, running well over $10,000. Should you or your family need to confront final expenses, have you made the necessary financial planning preparations? Being prepared is the best plan of action.

Tax Deferred Annuity
A single premium tax-deferred solution is available for your retirement. It features tax-deferred accumulation of interest, a guaranteed competitive interest rate, multiple payout options, and a nursing home waiver.

Accident Expense Insurance Policy
This accident policy could protect you in 8 ways: ambulance, medical expenses, hospital expenses, intensive care, physical therapy, family lodging and transportation, accidental death, and dismemberment This policy does not pay losses resulting from sickness.

Cancer/Heart/Stroke Policy 
There are advanced treatments available to increase your chance of cancer survival. However, sometimes these advanced treatments are not available locally, and the cost of travel, care, and other out-of-pocket expenses can be overwhelming. Cancer plans pay money directly to you upon first diagnosis of internal cancer or malignant melanoma. The money is paid at one time, in one lump sum payment. An optional heart and stroke rider is available for additional premium.

First Diagnosis Heart Attack & First Major Heart Surgery Policy
The First Diagnosis Heart Attack and First Major Heart Surgery policies pay money directly to you, in cash, at one time, in one lump sum payment upon first diagnosis of a heart attack. You select a benefit amount of $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, $40,000, or $50,000. 

Air & Ground Ambulance Transportation Service
For more than three decades, Medical Air Services Association (MASA) has been providing life saving emergency assistance to members. The coverage is designed to protect members against catastrophic financial loss when emergencies arise at home or while traveling. Membership services include emergency air transportation, emergency helicopter transportation, ground ambulance transportation, organ retrieval, organ recipient transportation, recuperation / repatriation, return transportation, escort transportation, non-injury transportation, minor children / grandchildren return, mortal remains return, vehicle return, and worldwide coverage. For more information about MASA membership, please contact AMBA at 800.258.7041.

American Hearing Benefits (AHB)
Members are entitled to FREE annual hearing screenings for you and your immediate family, referrals to AHB’s network of recommended local hearing healthcare professionals, advanced Hearing Solutions with the latest in hearing aid technology, Up to 60% Off suggested retail prices, and a FREE Full Two-Year Extended Warranty with every purchase. Call 888-200-5701 or visit and use discount code "AMBA."


AMBA TravelPerx
AMBA TravelPerx brings the best value in cruises, resorts, and escorted tour vacations to tropical and European destinations. 
800.480.4080 / 

Road Scholar  
Road Scholar is the not-for-profit world leader in educational travel offering 5,500 educational tours in all 50 states and 150 countries. First- time Road Scholar participants are eligible for either a $200 gift certificate good toward any international adventure, or a $75 gift certificate good for any North American Adventure. When you sign up for a Road Scholar catalog, a gift certificate will be credited to your household for future use. 

Apple Discounts
Apple discount code "AMBA" / 877.377.6362 

Discounts not available on all items. Check with Apple by phone or online to verify discounts. iPhones are not eligible. 

Dell Discounts
Dell discount code PS95750248

LaQuinta Inns & Suites
Association members enjoy discounts at participating La Quinta Inns & Suites.
Discount code: AMBA

Rental Car Discounts
Members are eligible for discounts with Hertz, Avis, & Budget rental cars.
Avis discount code: AWD# G725000 / 800.331.1212 /  
Budget discount code: BCD X925500 / 800.527.0700 / 
Hertz discount code: CDP #1860896 / 800.654.2210 / 

AMBA has partnered with 1-800-Flowers to offer discounts. 
Discount Code: AMBA
Powered by, offers members discounts at over 18,000 restaurants nationwide. When members use this discount they get the best deal for every meal!

Nationwide Pet Insurance
Nationwide pet insurance provides association members with a 5% discount on new pet insurance policies!
Click here

Cruise & Vacation Benefits
Cruise and Vacation Benefits provides the lowest available pricing on all of today’s top cruise brands, worldwide escorted tour companies and more than 600 resort properties. You will receive a 4% vacation reward on the base fare of your trip and will also have access to special bonus offers on a monthly basis. 

Orlando Employee Discounts
Save up to 35% on Your Orlando Vacation! Exclusive Pricing on Hotels & Vacation Homes in or nearby Disney World & Universal Studios Orlando as well as discounts on tickets for Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, Sea World, and ALL Orlando Area Theme Parks and Attractions! 
877.413.3557 | Code: AMBA

AMBA at the TRTA Convention

AMBA and Mutual of Omaha, along with the animals from the Wild Kingdom, were at the TRTA convention. Click here to view pictures.

Corporate Headquarters

Association Member Benefits Advisors, LLC, 6034 W. Courtyard Dr., Suite 300, Austin, TX 78730

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