A Partnership You Can Rely On

Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA) is a nationwide full-service agency focused on plan design, negotiations, and implementation of benefits for associations. We are a turnkey benefit provider with exclusive negotiated insurance programs and discounts on travel, electronics, dining, and more! AMBA assists associations in obtaining these high quality benefits for their members.

AMBA works hand-in-hand with our clients to create specific solutions for the unique needs of their members. With our expertise, associations can confidently provide their members with valuable benefits.

We provide assistance with best practices on how you can properly maintain your member database to save you time and money. In addition, we will assist you in identifying potential members so you can work on your own membership growth as well.

We will build and maintain a benefits website for your members so they can always get the most up-to-date information on their benefits when they need it. Online enrollment is also available for some benefits.





Association Success:
Your Success is our Goal

Think about your last conversation where you asked someone to join your association. Were you able to say that membership doesn’t
cost, it PAYS? Your association provides a valuable voice to your members and constituents.

An AMBA member benefits program helps make that voice LOUDER by attracting new members and making your association a one-stop-shop for their benefit needs! Over 10,000 new members in 2014 is proof alone that our benefit solutions work.

Many other AMBA Advantages Help an Association to Attract and Retain Your Members:

bullet A full line of specially designed insurance plans including custom-tailored or standard coverage to meet professional needs.
bullet One-stop shopping for insurance saves times for anyone and builds affinity in your group.
bullet One toll-free number is available for all insurance concerns.
bullet An insurance plan through an association group often affords savings in premiums compared to insurance independently purchased.
bullet AMBA representatives analyze needs continuously to make sure coverage meets the member's needs, providing peace-of-mind for association administrators and members.


What AMBA Can Do For Your Association

Backed by more than 20 years of experience, AMBA provides the following services to associations:

bullet Leverage the purchasing power of the group by negotiating benefit enhancements, rate and underwriting concessions.
bullet Evaluation and financial expertise to assist associations in obtaining quality benefits.
bullet Options and flexible choices for members benefits.
bullet Ongoing market evaluation to provide the most competitive rates available.
bullet Superior standards for providing innovative benefits and state-of-the-art service.
bullet Increase membership through product offerings.

Additional Benefits to Associations

bullet Direct, personal, hand-in-hand planning with associations to create specific solutions for the unique needs of your members.
bullet Turn-key implementation of benefits for associations without any administrative burden for you.
bullet Continuous analysis of members needs to make sure coverage provides peace of mind for association administrators and members.

The satisfaction of our associations and their members is AMBA's highest priority. AMBA is proud to have served many associations and their members for more than 20 years. Our superior standards for providing innovative benefits and prompt, courteous service, are AMBA hallmarks.

Call us today to learn how we can help your association!



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This is a solicitation for insurance. Limitations and exclusions apply. Some policies and benefits not available in all states. 
Contact our office to find out if a product is available in your state.