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An apple a day may not
keep the doctor away, but
A+PEL benefits can help.

A+PEL offers many discounts to help you have the best travel experience.

Long Term Care

AMBA will build a Long Term Care policy to match A+PEL members’ needs. Members select the daily benefit amount, elimination period, and benefit period which best suits their needs. The Long Term Care Policy features include no prior hospital stay and no waiting period for pre-existing conditions.
Call: 800.258.7041.

Final Expense & Guaranteed AcceptanceWhole Life

Here's a benefit to help with final expenses and also leave a gift behind for a loved one. Members can have peace-of-mind knowing that their premiums are guaranteed never to increase and their coverage is guaranteed never to decrease.
Call: 800.258.7041

Cancer / Heart / Stroke Policy

Do you know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, or suffered a heart attack or stroke? Have you thought about what you would do in that situation? Would you be able to continue your current quality of life with additional monthly expenses while you’re recovering? You select the benefit level that best suits your needs and benefits are paid directly to you. Call: 800.258.7041

Hearing Solutions

American Hearing Benefits (AHB) offers members a complete hearing evaluation, warranty on digital technology aids in any style, loss and damage protection, and batteries with a complete benefit package.
Call 888-200-5701 or click here
Use discount code AMBA.

Medicare Supplement Policies

This plan offers the freedom of choice to select the doctors, hospitals, and clinics that members want, and they will never be cancelled because of age or health.
Call: 800.258.7041