AMBA employees trust the people they work for, enjoy the people they work with and take pride in the work done. We believe AMBA employees deserve to have a great place to work and a great environment to work in.




“We are stewards who value culture with a focus on delivering stakeholder value”

- Nick Taylor, President & COO


AMBA Culture

Creative Solutions to Maintain Operations During COVID-19

  • Regular Communication and engagement

    • Regular communications and monthly Town Halls with engagement activities like selfie contests enable employees to adapt to our new working environment.
  • We stayed connected, even though we were apart.

    • Entire departments host virtual events and participate in company Town Halls. We all learned that we are stronger together.

  • Enabled remote working

    • AMBA quickly and skillfully pivoted to a remote working model to maintain company operations & employee engagement.


Opportunities for Advancement



Create the lifestyle you want for yourself by helping other hard-working people do the same. Our Agent value proposition is top-notch and stands out from other agencies.

  • Opportunity and room for growth.
  • Rapid expansion across the nation.
  • Yearly, Manager Candidate School for those interested in leading a team.




What Makes AMBA Special

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